Lärmiljöns betydelse – SETT2014

Stephanie Hamilton

Rethinking Learning Spaces

It’s all about the kids, all about the learners.
Put learning first and you’ll se what comes with it.
Leadership matters (change ahead).


Stephanie showed an example from Warrenga Park, New Zeeland, there a principle turned a school for Special Needs for Education to become successful.

The world has changed

Information was printed, scarce and filtered.
Information experts were teachers, librarian, textbook and encyclopedia.
Information is digital, democratized, free and exploding.

We face a world today of almost infinite complexity.
Learning needs different environments.

guidelines for learning spaces
Pedagogy should drive design
Design for the learners and learning, not technology
Spaces must be comfortable and attractive
Allow for greater levels of learner control of the spaces
Involve students when planning and evaluating spaces
Space needs to evolve, don’t overthink or overdesign

learning spaces
Campfire – Formal learning and collaboration space
Listen and absorb knowledge
Watering hole – informal learning spaces
Discuss and create meaning
Cave – individual learning space
Reflect and create meaning
Mountain top – present and publish
Demonstrate understanding

Create opportunties for the pupils to present

Life is a learning story that never stops

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