The WOW-factor – SETT2014

Anne bamford

Types of impacts that can be evaluated

Catalytic, personal, social, cultural, educational, economic, innovation and ethical impact.

It is a proven fact that we need sensual experiences in order to develop.

Better brains

Process viual information more quickly
Have better fine motor skills
Are more likely to learn by trial and error
Don’t start at the beginning
Multi task
Are quicker at scanning, navigating and analysing
More creative (learning by experiment, role play, creation)
More intelligent (distributed cognition, immersion).

Money does not give results…

Take them out:
9/10 school pupils said they remembered things learnt outside the classroom….

There are eight key competencies at the EU-level


Pillars of innovation
Human capital

Behaviour and attention
Views of children
Views of teacher
We want to learn it real
Greenwich project
Findings to date….
Directions forward….

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